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Wellness CBD brand The Good Level set out to disrupt what it saw as a market filled with mass produced chemically treated and solvent based CBD products, by creating a CBD range that is completely solvent free, organic, unprocessed and natural. 


We looked at a completely new look and feel that saw a brand new visual identity taking cues from the simplicity and unfussy production methods, and playing on the complete balance of the natural product that provides the end user with exactly the right level of naturally occurring cannabinoids. Our modern, fresh and balanced approach to the typography really sets this brand apart from the rest of the market which can be fussy and adds to confusion around a product that is still very often mis-understood and mis-sold.

We also set a new approach to the packaging that was built on a desire to completely pare back all labelling to be as straightforward and easy to relate to and understand as possible, and move away from any plastic or over coated production methods.  By using a very natural and open colour palette set on glass packaging, the brand again nods to its uncomplicated and natural production methods, and starts to build in the option to reuse certain bottles in line with a more environmental way of thinking.

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