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With over five years working on an array of Primark store concepts while at HMKM, we then had the pleasure of creating the concept for the new Flagship Barcelona store. It is key for Primark to tell their story and bring the brand to life in-store through a local narrative - allowing that connection and elevated experience for their customer. Following extensive research and immersion, the concept of a “Super Reality” was born creating a fashion dream in the heart of the city.

Barcelona provided a wealth of inspiration, from the heightened vibrance of the local culture, to the surrealist architecture, to the waves of the beaches. The spirit of the city hits you as soon as you enter this beautiful historic building filled with 6 floors of fashion, from the surreal ‘eye-light’ atrium, overscaled mosaic graphics and curvaceous wayfinding, through to the architectural finishes and application.

In collaboration with Cardy Papa

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