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Joel’s Place is an innovative gastronomic food gallery, grocery and restaurant in Manila, Philippines, that has community at it’s heart.  With a high proportion of local Filipino producers supported and showcased, this allows customers to understand the breadth and richness of their own, local food sources. 

We created a brand experience that feels familiar and inviting, yet elevated and expert. The name ‘Joel’s Place’ feels personal and inviting; a gastronomic gallery to ‘meet, shop and eat’. 



It’s accessible yet specialist, and somewhere you can go to enjoy your food shop and create lasting experiences. Our tagline of ‘meet, shop, eat’ creates a friendly and enticing call to action, encouraging repeat visits. The visual identity and landscape equally reflect a feel of ‘gourmet yet accessible’ and take inspiration from the vibrant, warm and welcoming Dunpa street markets, with visual cues that are crafted and textured to reflect the expert curation of fresh, artisan produce.

In collaboration with Cardy Papa

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